- Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Pig: I am going to bomb you and send you to heaven. So that you can book a mansion for me in heaven. I want the mansion close to God's throne.. The largest mansion.. I want the angels to plant egg plants for me at my garden..

Princess: I want potato.. You book a mansion for me?

Pig: No.. You book a mansion for me..

Princess: Why must it be me? Why not Wendy?

Pig: Oh yeah.. Wendy.. I bomb Wendy and she go book heaven's mansion for me.. Then I got time to torture humanity

Princess: So evil??

(and the sms-es continues).....

On Sunday... At COP.. Pastors speaks about mansions.. and angels... the Princess laughs... Everybody looked at her... They thought she was crazy.. So the Pig is going to give her some psychotherapy soon...

For those who do understand what this means: Shhhhh....

For those who don't understand what this means: Crack your head.

For the Princess and the Pig: The battle shall begin.. See who go to heaven first..

The SMSes have been modified.. It's top secret.. Please refer to the Princess or the Pig to know more.. BUt I doubt they'll give any hint.. LOL.. And yes.. please note that the funniest part of the messages have been omitted for safety purposes.. I don't want everybody end up in the hospital's ICU... or CIU... or UCI.. watever... *rolls eye*

To the best! Cheers...


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