- Monday, September 04, 2006

Long update.

Note: This will be a super long post with loads of pictures. LOL. Beware oh! Skip this post if you don't feel like reading.

It all started on.... I forgotten when.. LOL... Entered diploma and had to buy many books. The first book I bought was Mozart's Pianoforte book. This book cost me RM 100. Wasai!

I tell you. The piece I am supposed to play has a simple beginning but when I go through the other few variations, it's super difficult!

These pics are for Miki...

Out with Suit Lin and Joey.

This is Joey's new car - my dream car too.

And thansk to Joey, we had a wonderful night. Especially the finale at this shop at Sri Petaling. Joey was talking about how to get there, and I can't remember what she was talking. She was like.. turn here turn there and then turn again.. then go straight turn here and there again.. and Suit Lin and I went like.. Huh? Apa dia cakap?

Anyway.. Here is the durian kuih Suit Lin and I found very fascinating.. It's so soft that you can just cut it with your fork without breaking a sweat! Nyam.. Hungry...

Here are some other random pictures we took. Thank God my face isn't inside.. LOL

Then I went to Ipoh... Gosh... The trip was so memorable! Gosh! I am .. woah! .. hahahaaa.. Ya... I met my partner.. the Evil Princess from the Shing kingdom whom I am supposed to bombard bombs at and act at a movie entitled "P vs P". However, we were so caught up in laughing that we didn't get to even take a picture. Everybody go "awwwwwwwww". Hahaa.. No worries. I've promised Shing that I'll try my bestest best to go to Ipoh at the end of this year after Christmas and before school reopens. Hope that by then I'll have enough cash to survive in Ipoh because this next time, I am so going to SHOP in Ipoh. KL things are way. too. expensive. Yes.

Shing was telling me come 'OPENLY' to Ipoh go that they can plan things well. What the heck? hahaa.. People. Save money! We go eat dim sum! So I was thinking of asking Suit Lin and Kay Jin bro over too, this time. Hope everything's okay. It's still too early to plan. Few months more. I gotta save money too!

Just after I left from Ipoh, I've started to have this terrible I-Miss-Ipoh syndrome. And the evil princess sent me this.....

"Feel like you are going insane??

Heartpain and emotional confusion??

You are probably suffering from the..

'I MISS YEN SHING' syndrome.

For instant relief,
SMS/Call 01x-xxx xxxx"

And I was like .. WHat the ?! and then awwwww... Hahaaa.. I guess the person I miss most from Ipoh is Yen Shing. Haha. She is da bomb. I could click with her instantly and perfectly (at least now la). I've had crazy and serious moments sms-ing and chatting with her. It's awesome. Now, people, don't get jealous. You'll find your friend whom you can, like me, bomb many times and in the end end up being bombed. Technology these days are too advanced. YOu bomb people, before the bomb hits her/his kingdom, your bomb gostans and fly toward you. Yen Shing goes.. "awwwwwww" LOL

Next, I miss Jonan a lot. Haha. Unknowingly, I've always taken him as my little brother. I don't know why. He's just so-like-my-brother. Haha. But I really want to play like him. Haha. As I see him play the piano, there are few chord progressions I wanted to know of. Haha. BUt haven't got the opportunity to ask him.

Next next, I miss Wendy a lot. This little girl has, since day one, been my little punchbag. Hahaha. Punchbag in a sense that I can bully her lo. I don't really bully every girl. So, wendy leeeeee... count yourself blessed, OKAY?? Hahaa.. I've thought of a present for her. Yes, a birthday present. But, probably she has it. So, I don't know. I guess I'll just give it a shot. Buy it, wrap it, go to Ipoh, give her and see what her reaction will be - "Cheh. I got la" or "Thanks! I've wanted to get one since long ago!" AND her digi number. I wonder how did I end up saying I'll get her a number. Hahaa..

Next next next, my tou dai, Lawrence Teoh. Have been sms-ing him almost daily concerning many things. Although we don't have really funny chats, but I think it's good chats. It's in a sense that I learn many things from him and see things in a different way. I guess this kinds of chats are valuable. :) Though he was very quiet in our meet ups, he'll always be a part of the Youth Alive Forum. It doesn't mean that if he's quiet that he can't join or fit in. Everybody has a part to play. If everybody is talking, who'll be listening? If everybody is leading, who'll be following?

Next next next next, my dear Kah Ling jie. Hahaa.. It's my FIRST time meeting her. We've had several brief chats. She was busy and I too. Plus, I dont go online AT NIGHT. So meeting her IS MY JOY.

Next next next next next, the others: Ding, Deva, Janna, Siew Vern, Andy, Miki, and etc... Hahaa.. OVerall, you guys rock-ed my holiday. Now I go back to school feeling energized. Not lazy anymore. Haha. I guess it's true that we feel fresh after a good vacation. ;)

This is a special note to Mr. Andy. Thanks man for your transport and accommodation! I couldn't say enough thank-you's. You're awesome throughout my 3-day 2-night visit to Ipoh. Thanks sooooooo much! Say hi to your parents for me. I like your mom's cooking. Haha..

And, yes, this is the ONLY pic I took in Ipoh. I somehow forgotten that I have a camera phone. LOL.

Well, I sat the Plusliner bus with Miki and we chat-ed about some stuffs and watched Aquamarine. Oh gosh. The girls are HOOOOOOT. Mamamita! HOOOOOOOOT. Literarily HOOOOOOT.. Except that Jojo's kinda not-so-fresh to me. Haha.

So, I feel bad for forgetting about Miki the night before. As in, we were half way to Lou-Wong and I suddenly felt that something's not right. Miki's not there! So, immediately I called her up to apologize and ask her whether she could get her own transport or not. And I guess my forgetting to call her did hurt her so much. I'm very sorry. If there's a way to show me genuine feelings of feeling sorrow, plzzzz tell me ya...

So.. as I was saying... I reach KL.. super hot.. Ipoh's better.. Nice breeze and the non-stop rain.. Ugh! Went to church feeling sleepy.. help out parents... then immediately went to Midvalley to meet up my bro Kay Jin and Suit Lin ... LOL.. ate Kim Gary together... YUCKS!!! YUCKS!!! YUCKS!!! hahahaa... mebbe its the first time...

My dinner....

Me going to devour my victim... the food...

Sings... "Foooood... Glorious foooooood... Wonderful fooooooooooooooooooooood... MAGICAL FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD."

Food is very important for growth. Say cheeeeeese!

Kay Jin's food. Who knows what I'm focusing on?!?!?!?!!

Me looking at Kay Jin's food.....

The new shirt I bought from Ipoh. i fit perfectly in it. It's juz that people can see clearly that I am thin lar.. hahahaaa... LOL... WHO SAID THAT I CANNOT FIT INSIDE THE T!?!?!?!?!?!? KICK EVERYBODY!!!!

Besides that... there's the cross Suit Lin gave me... AWWWWW... aligatou!!!! hahaaa..

Me disgusted about the food... .Me want Kay Jin's egg... LOL

Kay Jin's drink.... hahaaa... yucks... Starbucks better... LOL

kay Jin's egg egg yolk.... ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh... so beautiful... can shake one arr!! Those who were in Ipoh and met up should wat I mean... LOL... can shake one arr!!!

Kay Jin going to gimme the egg!!! LOL

Donkey smile.... ish!!

The egg went to my watever-you-call-that. Hahhahaaa.. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! Nice egg!! My preciousssss.... LOL.... Pweacioussssss... LOL

I felt so bad... and I gave him a piece of my beef... LOL... So proud of myself... hahahaaa.... Eh! beef more expensive lar... those pooooor people in the third world country cannot even eat beef la!

Now, you'll witness the way Kay Jin eats his food.... Erm.. wat you call that? Multiple shots or watever... LOL...

If you are traumatized... Please feel free to email me and tell your tramatizing experience.. Cuz I wanna read it to him expressively... And for those who don't know, I can read essays expressively.. Erm.. How should I say? Exaggeratingly expressively.. hahahaaa..

And here are some random pics.. hahaaa

My HUGE tag.. hahaa.. so love it..

My ruler... LOL..

lalalalalalalaaaaa... EGG!

Oh yeah.. by the way.. here's the lyrics for Lawrence:

Great is Your Reward
Have you been tired to serve?
Have you been frustrated 'bout situations in life?
Have you been so sad about areas in your life?
Jesus, He's there for you.

Even problems arise, thunder may strike
Rest assure He hears your cries
Frustrations, tiredness, sorrows, and cries
Jesus hears them all
He hears your cries
Jesus, He's there for you

Do you know
It hurts Him more to see you cry
For you're His star in the sky
A precious jewel in His eyes
A precious priceless child of Christ

Jesus press on and run the race
Don't stop or slow down your pace
Aim towards the crown of life
To hear the words
"Well done, good and faithful child
Great is Your reward."

Hope it can help you! ;)
Oh well, gotta ciao.. Yawning..

-Signs off-

p/s I MISS IPOH!!!!!!!!!!!


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