- Thursday, September 21, 2006
Shing: Just got my dental check.. As usual.. Nothing wrong..

Jon: Haha. Smile. See your teeth. Haha. Wah. Got big worm. Wah. Haha.

Shing: Ish.. U got more worm..

Jon: ....... I thought you love worms? I mean... You love them til the extend like you keep them inside your pocket? Hmmm... My guess was wrong.. YOU EAT THEM!

Shing: Better than eating insects and bugs like you..

Jon: No. I dont. You talk to them oki? You're worse.

Shing: That was long time ago.. U lick the mud from the worm..

Jon: No la. I feed them to fishes. Hah.

Shing: Then you lick the raw fish.. And such their eyeball..

Jon: Go die la! You wan me lick all the fungus found on the fish body ah?

Shing: Yeah.. Slimy.. HAha... Juicy.. Fish got brain onot?

Jon: Fish of course got brains la. Aiyo. Chicken oso got brains dunno got onot la..

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