- Friday, September 15, 2006

A surprise

I was studying hard. The stress was overwhelming. My teacher wanted me to complete the assignment (Yes, I have not complete it yet. It's very difficult. I've mentioned it in the previous post) with further information concerning: The authenticity, trustworthiness, inerrancy, and infallibility of the four books of the Bible. So, here I go again. I have to read through a few more thick books, do researches about the churches (if I ever choose an epistle or letter) and the cities, the language style, and so so so forth. Haih.


I am not complaining. I am just.. Haih.. Never mind.. I shall do it. I have to think positively. I can do it. Yes, I can do it.

And suddenly, mom came and said, "JON! You got letter wor!" (in Chinese)

Jon: Where? From who?
Mom: Dunno.. YOu open and see...

Jon runs toward mom.
Jon sees a huge brown envelope with something inside.

A sudden silence
P/s.. you can hear the cold chilling wind blow by........



It was a letter that I've waited for some time! Haha. Check it out..

Thank you so much. You made my day.


yen shing said...

actually hor.. after i post that letter, then only saw ur reply in friendster..
like somethin i write to u..
so i wanted to reply bout appreciation day..
yet i want to surprise u...

then i was worryin whether it will reach..
yet i don't wanna ask..

that paper is not the front cover..
it wouldn't be a letter if i dun write somethin.. right..
u can throw it or wat so ever..

yen shing said...

forgot something..

i wanted to draw a pig and put pig address on e envelope.. think think..
later postman dunwan help me send..

haha.. faster laugh.. haha..

Jonathan Chu (Pig Take Egg) said...

LOL... laugh ady lar... aiyo...

thanks so much.. Just played some songs.. hmmm... Okay lar.. Just that I dun really like the song Prima Dona.. hahaa..

sam said...

gosh.. you took theology? Not easy, mate, not easy. But I am sure you'll pull through with faith and by the grace of god.

I like your positive outlook on it too. :) And a surprise pressie always helps. God Bless