- Friday, September 08, 2006

The Ultimate Song

modified by Shing

I love you, you love me,
Barney gave me HIV,
It started of with a kiss
but Barney wanted more
I've been raped by a dinosaur

I hate you
You hate me
Lets gang up and kill barney
With a great big gun
And a punch from me and you
no more purple dinosaur

I love you
You love me
Lets pray for peace and harmony
With a melody sung and a song from pig to me
Make us miss each other more

I love food
FOod love me
We are eggs and potato freaks
Eating non stop like pigs and shings
Pray for dim sum this year end..

I guess she and I are professional song modifiers now. ;) Bow to the POWAR!!! of the PIIIIIIG!!! *evil larf*

Am so tempted to blog about our crazy sms-es... *cold wind blows by*

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