- Monday, November 27, 2006


is going to break me financially. Great. It's only 27th of November, and I'm penniless. Totally penniless. I'm serious. I calculated my expenses for the next month.. Reload RM 30, Tithes.. kenot tell.. hahaa.. Offering.. Traveling.. OMG.. shant continue the list.. too much.. the killing part is.. DECEMBER HAS TOO MANY PEOPLE CELEBRATING THEIR BIRTHDAY! I shall buy hush puppy underwear for guys (got sale now.) and for girls, just go to my garden and pluck the grass out and give it to them.. *evil larf*

If I had RM 500 just to buy books, I'll go to Kinokuniya and buy books.. BOOKS! to read...

Eragon is going to be screened in GSC on 14/12/2006. And I'm going to go. No. Matter. What.

Phone expired ady... Cannot sms... Cannot call... haih...

Anyway.. this hols - study.. play ps.. sleep.. eat..
So routinous.. BORING..

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