- Wednesday, November 08, 2006
I've finally begun to understand the true depth of loneliness, something which couldn't be explained verbally. If asked why do I feel so, it's probably what has life brought me to. However, I am not complaining of the emotions loneliness brings, nor am I saying that I've gone through much. Life isn't a bed of roses, and to think it is is total childish thinking.

Life goes on a continual journey of waves and thunders, perhaps at times, a wind of serenity. Yet, if one learns who he is with the Words of Truth, soaring above all these would be easier, of course with the help of a Savior. Life meant to be spent with Him, not alone.

Thus, loneliness is just a humanistic attitude, and occurs when one is off focus. Concentrate on what you should be, and perhaps one day you might find the light of companionship, which only comes from Him.

My one cent, my ramble.

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