- Monday, November 06, 2006

Quick Updatez

1. Internet connection is down, time to go online is restricted. Blog might be abandoned. However, I'll try to update as soon as possible.

2. Two more days exam will be over. I'll wondering how well will I fare.

3. Spending money on books, I have gave my money to Kinokuniya and Popular Bookstore in exchange for newer books.

4. Finished a 750-page book named Eragon within 1 week. Proud of myself. It is a wonderful excitement-packed story. Guys, you should try it.

5. Despite seeing some of my friendships improving, the vacuum within my heart is still aching. Indeed, wanting Jesus to fill my heart entirely isn't easy because I haven't fully learn how to depend on Him. Gambate!

6. Learning many Japanese phrases from my friends. 'Itadakimasu!' 'Kawaii' 'Hontoni!' and many more and some of the phrases I often use nowadays. Japanese is definitely one of my favorite languages!

7. For those who can come, my little humble school or class shall be having 'Chill Nite' Details are:
Date: 16.11.2006 (Thursday)
Time: 8.30pm SHARP
Venue: Philadelphia Church, Puchong

8. Spent wonderful time with Kay JIn and Suit Lin on Last Thursday. Had a wonderful dinner and crazy chats. I didn't know why I am so crazy that night. May be because the company is crazy. Or I am just crazy by nature.

9. Going to Planet Shakers conference with two boy-boys next month. Those who expect to see me will see me. Blessed are the Jon-seekers, for they shall see Jon. (Jon 5:5 - the Pigattitutes)

10. I get really agitated easily these days.

11. I love McFlurry.

12. I am signing off. Forgotten what I wanted to post.

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Anonymous said...

all hail to the perasan king..