- Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Alas! Exam's over, and yeah, I sort of have my merdeka. Nevertheless, I shall continue to pursue studies during the Holidays. I've considered getting storybooks to read and make sure the coming holidays are spent wisely.

To all whom I've neglected, ignored, or left confused, I hereby apologize. I have been weary, please do not question this statement. Your understanding is highly appreciated.

Concerning my exams, I would conclude that things weren't up to my expectation for this term even though I fared well. As many of you know, my syllabus consists of five subjects: Bible, Language Arts, Mathematics, History and Geography, and Science. My strongest subject has always been Language Arts, though I am still not an expert of it. And for this term, I am a B-grade student. To get an A, one's marks must be 94 and above. And yes, my overall grading (or average marks) is 92.45, and in precise, 92. I was expecting an 'A' for the overall.

Nevertheless, this shall not stop me from going for the best. Next year, I'm determined to give my best shot, all the more to prove that this syllabus is not as formidable as it appears to be.

That is all for now. God bless.

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