- Wednesday, November 08, 2006

You Carried Me

You carried me through all of my triumphs
You carried me when I was troubled and alone
When my strength has gone
Couldn't get along without You

Ever carried somebody you loved so much? Even if you're weary, the affection you have for the person drives you to an immeasurable strength, enabling you to carry the person for a further distance. Such affection exists between our Savior and us. Though tired, torn apart in all aspects, and horrendously tortured, the Savior willingly hung on the tree for all man's sins. So great is the Savior's love for each of us, for me.

Thus came the famous song - Jesus Loves Me This I Know - and reminded many of the unfathomable love the Messiah to all mankind has given. And all humanity could do is to accept His love without conditions. However, do all of us do so? Romans stated that man preferred sin to God.

What makes a Christian a Christian? Qualities of a true God-loving Christian comes not through a short time, but a continual fellowship between both, the Savior and the receiver of love, over a long period of time.

When, oh God, is my time for true maturity?

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Suit Lin said...

True maturity indeed comes not in an instant, but it comes when we realize the deprivation of our lives and know that there is no good in us unless we die and let God take over.

And when He carries you, rest assured that He will bring the good works that He started in you to completion.

Take care :)