- Friday, December 01, 2006

Haih. Confirm gay.

Phone beep beep. Jon sees the phone

Jon: oh! It's Suit Lin.
(shows Jin the phone)

Jon: arloe.
Suit: hey. Can you gimme Jin's add?
Jon: I dunno wor. He's opposite me now. I ask him give you lar.

(pass phone to Jin)

Suit: why are you with Jon?
Jin: I wanna bergay with him.
Jon (shouts): OH MY GOD!

(everybody in Mcdonalds looking at us.. -____-""")

they talk and talk and talk... suddenly Jin laughed evilly... he looked at me samo... I suspect something... hmmm...

Jin: aiya! he ar! let the whole world know I'm gay ady la! Why worry?
Jon shouts: wth? now my problem.

Jin laughs. Jin pass phone back to me.

Suit: why la you with him? I dont you to turn into gay you know? It's very.... yucks...
Jon laughs: ya ya. I know..
Suit: so get far away from him now...
Jon: I'm very far
(Jon pushes the chair behind. still sitting down. Jin pulls chair towards Jon...)
Suit: so are you far from him now?
Jon: err..
Suit: get further.. faster..
Jon: I wanna go farther one... he come nearer... He confirmed gay!

And the conversation goes on...........


for mathematician... this is an equation better than Einstein's one... (lazy to type out his one. Ha! Ha!)

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