- Thursday, December 21, 2006


From Michel:
Jonny oh Jonny... you ah.. bo lui go HUGE ar? Hols didnt earn chin meh? Aih so sad now who gonna give me surprise party and make my cry, and laugh til I cry?

- I might consider going to HUGE next year. After Planet Shakers, my bro, Peter, is all hyped up about camps and conferences and concerts, especially. For him, I'll go. -

From Suit Lin:
I just saw a guy, not in pink, but worse! He's EATING a HEART SHAPED lollipop, has on a MULTI COLOURED HAIR AND CARRYING A HAIR BAND IN HIS SLING BAG! Why do we keep on seeing these people everywhere we go?

-walao.. I'll puke if I see the guy... -

From Lawrence Teoh:
What a privilege is it for me to hear you play the paino again.

-err... why you say til I like superstar lidat? -

From Suit Lin:

- church working lor... -

From Suit Lin:
Oh. My. God!!!! I am looking at someone at my friend's church that looks SO LIKE YOU THAT I ACTUALLY THOUGHT IT WAS YOU!!! I'm so freaked out.

- uh huh... try me... how close does he look like me? Is he my twin? (To Joanne, maybe I can have my own Thirteenth Tale) -

From Suit Lin:
Hair the same, dress sense the same, action the same, face the same. The way he sit. The way he claps his hands. ALL THE SAME.

- you're old. maybe you saw an angel of Jonathan Chu. May be he's trying to impersonate me. You'll never know. May be ... Never mind... -

From Chin Shaun:
I understand bro. I understand you've put in a lot of effort in this also. If you really need help, I'm willing to lend you a hand as apart of '6H rejoin rangers'. ^-^

- WTH~! Why the sudden message? -

This is the weird messages I've been receiving these days. Thanks for the awesome weird messages. You keep me weirdly weird. :)

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