- Thursday, December 21, 2006


I've a testimony to thank God.
It started with my cousin, Eugene, who had terrible fall in school, fracturing his left hand. He was sent to University Malaya. It was so serious that the doctor had to do an immediate operation on him. And during the operation, Eugene literally stop breathing. How come? You may ask. It wasn't the pain, nor the doctor's monstrous face (I don't know whether the doc is scary or not), but the huge amount of phlegm stuck from his throat to lungs.

The phlegm blocked his nasal passages and caused him to choke, then stop breathing. So the doctor had to use the... (what do you call that?) thing to pump on his chest to get the heart beating. The doc found out about the phelgm and gave him huge doses of antibiotic, which made the mucus disappear. And now, he's well again. His arm is okay, and his phelgm prob too. Whahaha...

Next, my grandfather fell and fractured the same hand as my cousin. He, too, had a problem - overdosage of diabetic medicine. His previous doc increased the dosage from 2 tablets to 6. Isn't that insane? But, the doc in UM found out about it, and changed his medication. Now, my cousie and grandpa is healthy again. Praise God.


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