- Tuesday, December 19, 2006


I finally got to come online, and now, I've only 14 minutes left to update my blog. I've so much to update, but so little time. Gosh. Anyway, first, about Planet Shakers.

It was awesome. At first, I didn't expect much because all I thought was PS was all about the same kind of messages. I wanted something fresh and challenging. And that's what I got. God proved me wrong by showing me that among the old, the Lord is always new. In other words, I can read a same passage thousand times, but when God intervenes, the old 'feeling' will fade away, cuz He always brings something new.

I specially loved Matt Fielder's message. Connectable. Nice. Simple. Straight forward.

Besides the excitement, I am most honored to shout out that my younger bro LOVED Planet Shakers conference. He asked me to bring him to HUGE, Planet SHakers conference and the other stuffs. However, there were stuffs I had to point out to him concerning the jumping and shouting stuffs. God was reminding me that I was once upon a time like him. Though there was nobody to tell me stuffs, God was unquestionably there always.

Friends were a wonderful part of the conference too. Suit Lin, Joanne Soo, Joseph Chong, Wendy, Lawie, I-Vonne, Syen and Michelle made it a fun time. THanks for making the time enjoyable.

I have to admit that the waffles at Waffle World is terrifically magnificent! Now Suit Lin has successfully made me an addict to it! Grrr... It's like Mcflurry. (Oh, btw, thanks Yen Shing for the McFlurry offer.)

After the PS conference, the next day, we went to Joanne's house to celebrate her birthday. We changed the lyrics of 'Angels we had heard on high' and then I composed the song "Every Now And Then" for her, specially for her. Hope that she loved it. :)

Anyway, updates coming up SOON. Really soon. If I hadn't been replying ur messages, am terribly sorry cuz I've tons of work waiting for me to do. Church is moving to a new place! Hurray! The sound system is AWESOME. Hahaha..

Have fun!

p/s: Eragon rocks! For me, at least! :)

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