- Monday, January 15, 2007

As Asked; So I Did

Yes, as asked.

I've 3 more teeth to pluck, and there go my three precious white teeth.

I plucked my first one last Wed, which made me bleed the whole day until Thursday night. It was horrible. The blood couldn't clot, thanks to my mistakes. I actually put cotton to the wound, and changed it every half an hour. ANd when I went to the dentist, he said that I shouldn't use cotton, because it will tear of the clot and make the bleeding worse. Besides, I also rinsed my mouth several times, which made my bleeding even worse!

Studies has been wonderful. Tons and tons of stuffs to remember, and thank God... I'm doing well now. I've finished three books, and now embarking to finish more. Couldn't wait to go for College.

And I've finished reading (in one week) the books by James Patterson. Interesting. THanks to Suit Lin for her extravagant taste in choosing books. (p/s. Interpretation of text is personal-based. Nyek nyek.)

Internet is darn slow. Couldn't look at the tagboard for some reason.

Met Yen Shing in KL. And.. as always... we planned to do so many stuffs, but none came true. Hahaha.

Church is doing really great. Learning to serve is really a challenge. Besides, the hardest thing for me is PR. Yes, you've got to believe this. I can't click with anybody! Click.. as in.. CLICK. Get that?

Pianowise, I'm currently stagnant for some god-knows reasons. Probably because of the time I spend on practising piano is relatively short. THanks to the loads and loads of stuffs I got to do. Haha. But nevetheless, it's still my passion.

I've got so much, so much, to update, but I couldn't think of any now! haha.

And yes, for those who've found the pink post rather ... weird(?)... I've actually succeeded. Now pink doesn't bother me anymore. But it's still not within my color preference (duh!). So please. Do. Not. Bombard. Me. WIth. Pink. Presents. Anytime. Anywhere. This. Year. It. Is. A. Warning. Arigato.

Just went to Suit's blog. THat grave post really makes me feel like kicking her to Mars and then toss her to Pluto and fling her to the sun. Please think creatively, imaginatively, and of course, exaggeratingly.

And yes, mentioning about that, (my rambling self is returning. THe return of the Rambler. *holds a sword and posts like Aragon*) Suit and I have concluded that this population on Mother Earth is rather sick. These merely humans (as what they call themselves) are just poor souls. Yes, I see your blinking question marks. WHy? THey terribly lack in imaginations. Their communication skills suck. And worse. They can't understand the Fuyoh Queen and Pig King's extravagant talking skills. THank God, we, the Fuyoh Queen and Pig King, have learnt that forgiveness is essential within humanity; or else they'll perish. So that's what we did. We forgave and forgave, like Jesus Christ. And can you see the hallow above our heads?

Mom said that if I want to learn driving, I have to save. FOr every 100 bucks, she'll give me a 100. And yes, learning driving in KL is costly! I could hardly save 500 in such a short time!

THis I find funny: Many have 'scolded' me for not going to HUGE. And when I say "No marnay la", their first reaction was-"ALL EXCUSES!" Did they learn it in HUGE 2006? Haha. Joking.

Anyway... This year 2007 is going to be a super duper fuper luper kuper chuper exciting and challenging year for me. Ha.

And I was asked... "If you've to choose to work either in an insurance company or as a salesboy, which would you prefer?" I don't need these jobs. Mainly because I'm not suitable for these jobs. Why? I'm the Pig King who does things that the Pig King likes. I say, I decide, I do. Simple, eh?

Okay, please be warned that humanity is going to perish very soon. If you're a homo-sapien, please escape to the sun, known as the Haven of Refuge. If you're late, the Monster called Ahchi-Ahcho will devour you. Nowhere you could hide. Nowhere you could run. All are exposed within its eyesight. [This warning message will self-destruct in five... four... three... two... one... KABOOOOOOOOOOM!]

-logs off-

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Suit Lin said...

Eh, what grave post? I didn't blog any thing about any grave or cemetary :P, comment la there. Never comment one. T_T

haha you gave me swt signs all over instead of hollows on my head. So if it works maybe we can start our own communication classes for the poor souls.

haha you finish ALL 3 books di? WAH CEPATNYA. :S Go get Schools out also la, find one day to sit down at MPH to read the whole book :P.


Is the monster of ahchi-ahcho the pigking in disguise?

Why does my comment have the length of an average blog pose. SEE LA YOUR ahchi-ahcho virus contamination started di. I so cheong hei.

But maybe also it's because I am typing without my specs and can really see what I am writing, oh and it's time for bed.

Cheers. you can get 500! Start saving now!! Plus CNY is soon.