- Friday, January 26, 2007


I've nothing much to update currently, fine, maybe a little.

- update 1 -
I currently have saw throat and slight fever, and I'm sitting in this darn cold Cyber cafe (but cheap) updating my precious blog so that genuises like you can read what's happening in my life.

- update 2 -
sometimes, blog gives me the dangerous feel. People seem to judge everything I post. The heck? Humans these days have too much times gossiping.

- update 3 -
I am hungry now

- update 4 -
I'm pretty busy, but thank God that I've still time for myself.

- update 5 -
Nothing much. If you're really interested, call me lar. Actually, I don't think I tell much to many people, not even my brother. Haha. Unless you're close to me, or practically talk to me everyday.

- Update 6 -
Waiting for the upcoming competition. I am so going to win.

- update 7 -
say Uh. HUH.

- update 8 -
My blog is crappy, isn't it?


Anonymous said...

I wished you were dead.

Suit Lin said...

Anon, you are not welcome here if you only have bad things to say about others, bugger off.

*princess* said...

Update 6

Waiting for the upcoming competition. I am SO going to WIN.

Jonathan Chu (Pig Take Egg) said...

To Anonymous: wow, I hadn't realize someone on earth actually desires my death. But actually, I quite concur with your rather agitating request. Who doesn't want to die? Or should it be put this way, who won't die? I doubt your little hint of immortality, and I wonder what would be of you if you were that immortal. Note, read between the lines. And yes, I could go on, but I fear my words might crash, devastate, and shatter your sensitive fragile heart. What. A. Poor. Soul.

Suit: When we watch movie again arr?? LOL

Princess: eee... We shall see okay?? LOL

Jonathan Chu (Pig Take Egg) said...

To Anonymous: and something more.. Only cowards like you dare to post such irrespectable idiotic self-discriminating posts with a username called 'Anonymous'. Have you no brains? Or you just need one so desperately til you cry out so loud even Malaysia might hit a 10.2 magnitude earthquake?

One word for you, my dear friend, LOSER. Or maybe another, PATHETIC.

Might add another phrase, GET A LIFE.

Forgive my insolences, but I guess you won't count this insolent, since you yourself are worse than I. Sorry, I don't mean to judge, but you're just so... If-I-don't-judge-you're-worse-than-a-corps..


Anonymous said...

Unless you didn't notice. You actually needed three minutes to rethink. What's next? three hours? I guess i overestimate your brains. is three weeks good enough?

if i am worst than corps, then you're worst than corp's poop. Get your stinking butt from polluting networks.

yau wei(wendy) said...

Why I hate anonymous?The reason why because when they give comments,they could not give any constructive comments instead they know how to give destructive comments which others feelings.

Anonymous,continue the way you wanna be instead of judging others.

As for jon chu,don't ever waste your strength and energy to fight with this type of people which they are purposely to annoy you.

Okay,that's about all.God Bless!

Suit Lin said...

why we hate anons? Simple, they are just too cowardly to use their own name. They dare not take up the responsibility of their own words.

Anonymous said...

it's between me and him.
like you said "bugger OFF"

Suit Lin said...

Then remember to look in the mirror at your own reflection when you say so to your self.

When you mess with Jon, you mess with me.
Insult him, and you insult me by association.

There is no such thing as between you and him, you touch him, you touch us all as well.
We sll stand by him.

Btw anon, next time you have something to say, do state your identity, or has your cowardice hit a whole new level?

Anonymous said...

Get your girlfriend out of here.

Shingy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Shingy said...

you know...
if u ignore him/her from the starting point.. he/she most probably won't bother to come back.

Shingy said...

WOW.. i'm number 12! it's amazing how that 5 words cause so much anger..

well.. can't u guys see the picture? maybe it's not a picture.. watever..
anon is just doing this for fun..
Anon could be jealous..
Anon could be bored of life..
and Anon enjoys the fight.. so the more you fight.. the more you amused him/her..

well, you guys give me a great idea. It's call understanding anons. Shall do research.. we still love you anon..

efferstine said...

gee. I think Anon needs to get laid. Your arguments are so weak, they make you look downright stupid. No wonder you need to hide behind anonymity. I feel for you. Your sad state ignites all the sympathy I have within me. It makes me want to laugh tears for you.

Makes me wonder though. Ever heard of an education? 'Cause I think you're in dire need of one.

efferstine said...

Oh. and.

"if i am worst than corps, then you're worst than corp's poop. Get your stinking butt from polluting networks."

Am I supposed to be able to make sense out of this sentence at all? Because it's not only grammatically erroneous, it sounds worse than something my 5 year old cousin can mutter.

Are YOU sure you know what it's like to have a brain to start with, my dear Anon?