- Monday, February 26, 2007

understood her laments

Wading through the darkness
Lacking in assurance all these years
Cast aside as an outsider
Pushing me further
Just because I'm cursed and broken

Years of pain
Drives me far away again
Years of sickness
Drives me far away again

And I hear of a Healer healing in town
Will He heal me too?
And I wonder and ponder to sneak into town
Will He heal me too?


I will try, I will try
I believe this miracle will come me by
I will not try, I will not try
To give it any chance to pass me by
If only I could touch His cloak
I will certainly be healed


I have been waiting for a miracle for twelve years long
For I have been bleeding
Suffering painfully for twelve years long

All these years, cast aside
By my people for twelve years long
Was filled with pain
Filled with fear
Filled with grief for twelve years long

I have tried everything to heal my hurt
I've been cheated by many who gave false hope

All I hope, yes, all I hope
For a healer to give me health once again
So I would be whole again
That's all I want
That's all I want

As You came
So I thought
May be if I could only touch the side of Your cloak
Certainly, I will be
Surely I will be whole again


You have shown great faith
I'm amazed that through the pain You came to get
A touch of life, a feel of gain
Your faith has healed You this moment through


Thank You, I'm so grateful
Is there anything I could do to repay You
For catching me and pulling me
Out of eternal pain I thought I'm in


Do not fear, no, do not fear
I am here to guide you through the night


Such faithful words (Do not fear)
Comforting words (Just do not fear)
Touched my soul like a string of love (I am here)
I'm so grateful (Go in peace)
More than thankful (Leave your sin)
For everything You've done (Everything)
For everything You've done (Everything)
For everything You've done (Oh~)
It's everything to me
(It's everything for you)

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