- Friday, February 02, 2007


So... this is the newest but not-so-new post of me.

- my piano-life -
Okay. It's quite fun. But I start to realize the beauty of the grand piano. LOL. The sound and the feel, the touch and the mechanism. In fact, it's everything. Just only two things I don't quite like - it's size and cost!

Crazy! With its cost, I can even buy two firsthand Myvi. It. Is. THAT. Expensive. Oh, anyways, since I can't afford, why care?

So lately, I've been practising a song by... Chopin I think.. Impromptu In C# Minor, Opus 66... And it's darn challenging... With the speed and the notes.. Well, they didn't sound quite right on the upright piano, but they were beautiful on the grand piano. Dead Serious.

Well, there's much more, but I don't think it's a need to post it, right?

- my school life -
Everything's much fine. Just a bit tension here and there. Things I don't like I must like, and at times, things I like I must not like. And oh yes, it seems to me I haven't actually fought in school for quite a loooooong time. Haha. Yeah, I used to fight last time, but not now, since most of the people are friendly, and they're part of why school is fun.

I am so cheong hei. Haih.

Studies is challenging... I have to read so much and write so much, but the things is, I enjoy it! Probably that's why I chose my course.

- my life -
Nothing much; at least not anything you should know.

- my diet -
Due to losing my four precious beautiful shiny teeth, I can't eat most of the food cuz they're one-in-a-way hard. Don't know why. Haha. And my latest wound hasn't completely healed yet. So I'm practically slimming down when I shouldn't.

Does anybody know of anything that can gimme muscle growth, and I don't mean steriod.

Anyway, you can ignore my previous question.

- my gaming life -
Currently into the newest Final Fantasy VII. Darn Square Enix. Their graphics just get better and better and better. Ooooooooooh, my life would be more miserable if Square Enix hadn't had the Final Fantasy series. Haha.

- my nerdish reading life -
Nothing much. I actually don't have time for Suit Lin's "The Lord of The Rings" because I'm so occupied with other stuffs... Like my piano studies, my schooling studies, and many more. If I was given 48 hours a day, perhaps reading might play an important role.

- miscellaneous -
- Please mind not my terrible grammar. THanks.
- Somebody is playing Maple, and there's this weird 'Ah' voice coming from it. Yucks.
- Life is getting much more challenging this year.
- I've lowered my expectancy rate on friends (overall) to 0.1%
- I don't really like people questioning about what I post on my blog, it sounds so insolent.
- I get agitated quick these days, sorry if you've been bombed by me.
- Heard that Digi Plus is one, still not sure of the details.
- I want to watch the Epic Movie, it's darn funny.
- I don't mind watching movie alone anymore.
- I don't mind having people ignoring my anymore, I guess their views don't care anymore.
- Kyle XY, a new series on the TV is kinda interesting. Don't know why.
- I need more exposure
- I need cash to learn violin. I wanna play like Lee Hom does. So cool man.
- Rain's concert is a disaster for him. I didn't go, but I heard from a church member, who did the sound system for Rain's concert that instead of a large expected number of 5000, only 1000 plus turned up. It was a great loss to the organizers.
- I wanna go out with my 'family' again. Just the four of us. And have fun and catch up.
- I miss old days. I really do. Maybe I'm weird.
- I wanna go college.
- I guess I can continue with this list.
- Here goes my update with weird stuffs again. But, who cares? LOL


Suit Lin said...

I wanna have family reunion too!!

efferstine said...

i wanna share my germs with you all. sharing is caring. loving. endearing. wheeee. :D