- Tuesday, March 20, 2007



Act 1
Rachael runs to Jon in a pixie-ish manner with her typical Rachael-ish smile. She stops right in front of him, gave a glancing shot, held the girl's hand beside her, and spoke without looking at Jon.

Excited, Rachael said, "Jon! Do you know that you attracted many older women?"

Yes, dash-dot-dash. As in -.-

Act 2
Girl 1 (with a questioning look): So... how old you are?
Jon (smiles, knowing what is to come): Erm... 18? No. Should be 17++++++
Girl 1 (holds her hand to her mouth, shocked like nobody's business, eyes bulging out like a typical old goldfish, unbelievably shaky in tone): *gasps* (gather herself into one piece again and continues) No way.

Act 3
Johnson: So how old are you?
Jon: 18.
Johnson: *pauses* *stares at Jon* *raise his hand like he's about to start his swearing speech* NO WAY!
Jon: why? *thinks* okay, I know I look old.
Johnson: bluffing! You're NOT 18. Older than 18.
Jon: -.- Really! I'm born in 1989!
Cheffrost: uh huh... *rather shocked face, but trying real hard to hide his astounded look*
Jon: Really one!
Johnson: Bluffing!
Jon: Nah! I show you my IC. But kenot see my pic.
(Jon takes out part of his IC, and Cheffrost and Johnson started snatching the IC from me. But in the end, Jon won. Jon didn't let them get to see his IC look. Whaahahaa!)

Ladies and Gentlemen, this list could go on. But I'd not want to terrorize your childish mind. Anyway, this is what I got from PKVUM. What is wrong with my face? Is it that bad? I mean, that old? Huh...

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