- Friday, March 16, 2007

Early Birthday Treat

Christin and I went for Ghost Rider last night (finally got to watch this movie). It was okay, not bad not good. I agree with Suit concerning character development; they somehow didn't portray memorable traits. From the emotion and expression perspective, it was just moderate. After all, who am I to judge whether they were excellent or otherwise? I am only an amateur watching some movie.

Just as the Chinese idiom goes: Clever people act in a movie, stupid people watch movie.
Please don't conclude I'm stupid.
It takes a bigger thief to catch a smaller thief. *wink wink*

Then, I got my early birthday treat from Christin. Taha! We went to Secret Recipe and makan-ed these. MOMMY JUNE!! When's Kakak's and my treat at Secret Recipe arr??

Guess which I ate?

This one lor.. My all time favorite! Tahah!

My dinner (I paid this myself. Only the cake was the treat. Sad, huh?)

After dinner, I went with my family for Bridge To Terabithia. One word, interesting. I would give it 6 out of 10 stars if I were to rate it. Though not as memorable as Eragon and LOTR, it was thrilling to see the elements of the movie, emotions of the kids. I would definitely not say this was a romantic movie (as some people think it is. Oh, come on, what do 6-graders know about romance?)

I see rejection, acceptance, joy, striving, and strength in the kids' face. The emotions they go through are real; they happen every day everywhere. I found myself asking 'what would I do if I saw somebody in such situation?' I put myself into Jess' (main character) shoes, being bullied by school mates, having a true friend who brought him out of the world of rejection and into the World of acceptance, friendship love, and imagination. I thought about the relationship he shared with his father, his mother, his sisters; I thought about my relationship with my family.

Above all the emotions I saw, one that caught my attention most was the imaginative world and friendship Leslie and Jess shared. Probably you could try this movie, worth a try, you know?

A present from somebody. Thanks, you know who you are. ;)

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JuneSky said...

DARN! i thought u forgot abuot the cake liao! XD hahaha..

You plan with ur kakak a time lorr, so that i can buy both of u a piece of cake as your birthday presents. Lol..