- Monday, March 12, 2007

Easter Celebration Practice

Woah! I left the place feeling something so incomprehensible and indescribable. "When Love Came Down" was a success, for the day. The worrisome committees (or rather the few individuals) at last could let out a rather relieved breath.

YAY! SO thrilled. Tuesday's the next practice. Couldn't wait for it. Probably "Great is Your Reward" might be used for encouragement.

Personal Thought:
Thank God for this opportunity to serve and get involved in such exciting events. I've never dreamt of such opening doors or windows in my life.

I thought that a homeschooled student would never have the chance to work in huge events and to contribute even a little. Thank God for this chance.

(My random-ic cacat-ed England grammar forgive ya... *innocent kiddo wink wink*)

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