- Friday, March 30, 2007

The Eighteenth Tale

I shan't start a story. Here are some pictures of my birthday celebration. By far this was one of the best birthdays I've ever had.

1. My parents, for the first time, remembered my birthday. Since our family doesn't really celebrate birthday (as most of friends' family do... you know, throw a birthday party, invite friends and eat and dine and be merry, those weren't the kind my family have), my parents decided to give me RM 200. YAY! Extra money!

2. Few expensive gifts from certain friends [Thanks, I know you're reading this.. :)]. Those gifts weren't just expensive, they were the things that I wanted for a long time.

3. Finally got to meet Bro Jin after a few trillion years, and brought the crap out of him (though i noticed some changes... physical and character-wise.. xD)

4. And finally got to spend time crapping with my brother. Busy like nobody's business for such a long time...

Pictures up ahead.

There are videos... But they'll be out soon.. THanks for remembering my birthday.. It means a lot to me.. ^-^

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Happy Birthday

-Tormented Soul-