- Thursday, March 29, 2007
Ivan: walau weh... you both (Suit and Jon) can even pakat to bully me on sms... I gotta go complain under information and communication act, this is SMS harassment... :D

Why I like to bully him even though he's darn older than me by few years?
Because he's gullible and bully-able. That says it all.
Maybe it makes me feel younger.

But... whatever... why I care? My desire for bullying people is quench temporarily every time I bully an OLD man like him... xD

Ivan, you're dead meat.

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everquint said...

Have I asked of something wrong?
I don't see where all this belong?
Could it all just be an awful song?
Why do you punish me for so long?
What have I done to deserve this?
Not that I'm dazed in a bliss?
For none of this I ever asked for!
How long more must I endure?
Spare me, to you I implore!
This old bum can take torture no more.