- Tuesday, March 20, 2007
So, if you've been thinking so badly what to get for me for my day, let me suggest that you don't spend time wondering what to buy. Why?

1. Thinking of what to buy for me would be rather difficult, I dare say, simply because I am such a mysteriously complicatedly organized person (whatever this means). Plus, I wouldn't want a friend so dear like you to one day discover 95% of your brain cells died or went crazy. But don't worry, even if they go nut case, I'd still take out some time to visit you at TJ.

2. I wouldn't use something useless to me. E.g. Pencil Case. DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT get me a pencil case. I love my current bluish one, so please spare your money from the waste. Might as well donate to PTEAO (Pig Take Egg Associate Organization). Thank you.

3. Decorative Items would most probably be sitting either in my room or in my hall for dust-collection. I must admit that dust is a very provokingly beautiful object, but you see, I'm kinda allergic to dust. Might as well buy me something better. (However, this point does not apply to certain people. You can hope that you're in this category though I doubt its possibilities. XD)

Hence, with all these facts, please reconsider. Why don't do these instead:
Kind Acts
1. Get the money to me
2. Reload for my digi number

Note: You would be greatly rewarded if you perform the above kind acts. How? It's for me to know and for you to find out. Thank You.

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