- Thursday, March 08, 2007

Yes, I've been tagged

... by Joanne Soo Liyeng, my dear Niecy (read as Nee-seeeee)
Yes, read it well.

6 Unique Things About Me
1. I tend to catch the way people talk, and use their words against them (insultingly or not). I don't know the reason, perhaps I'm verbally manipulative, as what Yen Shing said. I realize that this 'trait' is most evident when I am irritated. Since young, I've always had the ability to twist others' words for my benefit, and in the end, making more enemies than friends. Hence, I sort of mastered the art of face-masking, that's most probably the Jonathan Chu you see most often.

2. I've never written a song; God wrote them all. So if there's a song you think is nice, praise God for that. I realize that songs that people think are lovely were usually written in a very short period of time, which is why I always conclude that God wrote them. After all, He is the most creative person I've ever met.

3. Among my friends, I see direction-less emotions. Very few youngsters at my age have a vision and something they really want to do. Besides studying (and earning money, =p), I want to reach out with God-given songs, touch hardened hearts, and sing life deep into lost and confused souls. It is not an easy road, but God will ensure this passion reaches His desired destiny.

4. I get very irritated when people think they know me when they know naughts about me. I hate that. They put up a know-it-all face, and I really feel like slapping them. When a person mentions that he/she knows me well, the first thought that would enter my mind is "if you really 'presume' you know me well, why do you say this when you should know I get irritated at the mention of this?" And that person won't get anything (nothing at all) from me next time, not even respect. I. Am. Dead. Serious.

5. On the other hand, I tend to care for certain people in my life. Perhaps it's due to the tiny friendship circle I have that certain individuals tend to receive more attention from me than others (I guess this works for everybody, eh?).

6. I still haven't understood the practical side of 'singing with the diaphragm'. I can sense whether one is singing with one's throat or not, but I can't seem to apply this understanding. Weird, eh?

Hence, I tag this six individuals:
1. Suit Lin
2. Lee Yen Shing
3. Lawrence Teoh
4. Wendy Lee
5. Melalyn Ng
6. Tiffanie Tan


Melalyn Ng said...

Yeay! Got tagged! :D hahaha I love getting tagged ;p So I can blog without effort...malas nyer...

Suit Lin said...