- Friday, April 13, 2007

After All

life is just filled with empty conversations with selfish desires waiting to be accomplished. And once when it's done, the relationship is done for. No more words. No more sharings. No more hugs. No more care. Nothing. Just void. And all that seems viewable is just the past - mere worthless memories - that would eventually fade into subconsciousness and then no more. Seemingly nothing, seemingly worthless, seemingly untreasurable.

Emotions are added into life to bring the person down, smash him and crush him every side he could possibly think of. There's nothing more to it. If ever one should think that emotions were to spice up one's life, that would be, I dare say, incredibly wrong. Totally refutable, absolutely reproachable, completely rebukable.

People around the world could damage themselves not because situations made them do so, but because emotions stirred them. It is not the reason why we do what we do, it is why we do what we do. Reasons never exists, only men insisted they do.

Life isn't a bed or roses but a pool of thorns. It awaits its prey, and one by one, each arriving prey would be engulfed and swallowed deep down, spilled with blood, and then no more. Humanity is near extinction, if you could see the large picture. Perhaps it was never meant to exist, never meant to be on this earth.

After all, life is mere living for the sake of dying, if you could read between the lines.

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