- Friday, April 20, 2007

Ah! Finally!

Ah! Finally!

I've finished 19 Assignments, and have a few more to go. Talk about the last life of High School - extravagant amount of homework. How delightful! Ah, but screw them, I'll just finish them ASAP and submit to the teacher for evaluation. And I think my teacher would, perhaps, accept my work since it doesn't appear as a last-minute rush-hour job. But, anyways, screw it.

I am going to meet Lawrence, who came all the way from Ipoh for some certain reasons though I am not entirely sure since I've been so blur throughout this whole two weeks; and of course Suit Lin, a friend who has been discussing books with me lately, and whose conversation I find most interesting, hence the mannerisms of sarcasm; and a newfound friend - Rebecca Wong, whom I got to know from Lawrence and Yen Shing. But anyhow, I look forward to this meeting, partly because I get to get some stuffs! (PERSONAL STUFFS, don't ask. blek!)

Ugh! I have to ciao! -.-

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