- Friday, April 27, 2007

Horrifying - the way to put it

I was so horrified. Serious. Literally horrified. Like.. horrified. That's the word: horrified.

Don't ask. I will explain. Please make you DO not laugh, given the circumstance.

I was sitting in this class (dont ask which class) and there was this Malay guy sitting in front of me. Okay la, not trying to be racistic, just that this is what striked my mind first. So... here you go... and... what was horrifying was when the guy stood up, his whole butt was facing me. Actually, I am not that afraid to see people's butt, okay? Just that he was wearing a darn pinkish boxers, so pinkish til my eyes almost popped out! Seriously, that pinkish! Plus, it wasn't part of his underwear I saw. His WHOLE underwear. His jeans didn't cover his butt well. Aww, poor jeans, not used nicely to protect your master's butt, AND the horrendous pink underwear. Oh. My. God. I still couldn't believe it.

And at times I wonder why do guys love to wear their pants so low. Isnt the waist bone just nice? If you have to so much wear your pants so darn low, might as well not wear it? Why not just stitch two pieces of round cloth around your underwear and walk around town?

This was the horrifying thing (part 1)

Next. It was this night when I was sitting in my mom's van going home, and I passed by this restaurant, and many indians were crowding around that area. It wasn't football season, (that time I mean), nor was it any special occasion. This wasn't what I wanted to say.

So I was passing by, and there was this Indian man, right at the longkang, where everything was viewable, unzipped his pants and showed his you-know-what and started pissing! I was......... yes, horrified. WTH! Why cant you go to a corner and piss?!?! That eager to show arrrr???

OMG. Furthermore, you know, it was so dark, his skin is super dark, and his urine is so white. THE HELL!

I almost fainted.

This was the horrifying thing (part 2)

And you see, coming to KL wouldn't bring you to a more civilized place, because they're more bloated headed people who dare to do things you'll never in your good ego or altered ego do, or have. The heck! I still could not believe I typed this down and hit publish. Sure it is horrifying to me. OMiGOSH!

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It was so gross...