- Monday, April 23, 2007


I could only remember this: the Tree will try to always be by your side. No doubt the Tree worries about what is to come, but assured is the Tree that perhaps, looking to the positive side, things will be better. But the Tree thinks that certain things should be left unexplained. And perhaps, now, the Tree isn't ready for another huge misunderstanding, because of multiple failures in the past (but it doesnt mean the Tree is rejecting you or feeling anywhere uncomfortable. perhaps sometimes a space of freedom is needed for the Tree to feel the wanted solitude); but the Tree will try to always be there. To walk through life with you.

And the Tree hope these promises wouldn't fall to the ground.

Please do not stand in the way if the chopper comes.


Even if both of us, Stressed Powerpuff Girl and Stupid Pig King, have somehow drifted apart, the Stupid Pig King desires that the kelakar friendship will go on, and the Stressed Powerpuff Girl won't be too stressed. xD

Hantam the Ahchi-Ahcho! Declare war! For peace we fight! In unity we die! BOO the uselass Ahchi-Ahcho! Babi dia punya mama!


Somehow words at many times couldn't express what we feel, and if expressed, it wouldn't do justice to both sides; we've to learn to conceal each other's weaknesses, and masquerade along with each other. At least at some point, an understanding had occurred. At least at some point a relationship had been formed. As long as an effort to break the friendship down isn't found, can wind blow it apart? Can the storm crush it?

But anyhow, even if there were thunders and rains, tornados and hurricanes, perhaps the relationship was meant to be destroyed. Yet if an effort to maintain it remains, all relationships, perhaps, perhaps, perhaps, are meant to be reconciled if an effort is made. If an effort is made. If. An. Effort. Is. Made.

What is relationships anyway?


Implications are made by the author. Inferences are made by the reader. Which one are you making?


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