- Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Passion's Fade Away

Have you ever found yourself in sinking sand, when with all your strength you try to pull or push yourself out of it, but in the end fail to do so? It sucks you way down, gobbling you as if you're its food or prey, saps away your strength when you try to get out of it as fast as possible. But somehow, sometime later, somewhere in the midst of your self-rescuing mission, you couldn't help but tell yourself, "Why waste so much time when it's easier to give up than to continue?" If ever you felt so, welcome, then, to the real world.

Having listened to Daniel Powter's Bad Day for so many thousand times until I could hardly count, I still adore the song, especially the lyrics. In my past, music has been the magic of my life. It enchants me, brings me into another realm of imagination where I'm only alone, free to do anything I want. Somehow, throughout my journey of life, this world seemed to dull, and its magical effect fading away, which was why I told my teacher that I've lost the passion for it.

Once upon a time, I took up classical playing (analogize to 'type of music', not era of music) because I wanted to improve my pop music styles, learn more about music, and give myself a push in life, so that should I ever fail doing well in my career in the future, I still have music to depend on, but now I doubt this ability.

Diploma is a great challenge for me. The songs are simple, in a sense, but what I couldn't handle is myself. I wish I have the craving to practice piano like I once had, and I wonder whether could I ever find this desire again, or not.

But I'm sure of one thing, diploma has never been a wrong choice for me. But could I succeed in it is another thing.

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