- Wednesday, April 18, 2007


She stood on a cliff, the wind kissing her face, brushing her hair gently, as she blinked. Her feet, cracked heels, symbolizing the agonizing moments she had endured throughout time's torture, rubbed against the coarse surface; with moist seeping into her skin, draining her youth like a vampire sucking blood from a woman's neck, slowly and gently.

Her eyes stared into the far end, the farthest she could see, the furthest she could perceive. Overlooking the cliff, she saw a cracked dry desert, that would instantaneously gulp water, when it was a dense forest underneath her feet. Birds that roamed the area were seen as bones falling from the sky. Long time ago, she would gasp with negative astonishment, but now it doesn't seem possible.

Reaching out her right arm, she tried to grab the atmosphere, but it slipped past her hand. It is like trying to catch a fish bare-handed; instead of grabbing it firmly and pulling it out of the water, the fish gracefully swims out of grasp and away it goes. Whatever wasn't hers wasn't hers, and trying to make it hers would make the desired thing flee from her quicker.

It would be futile to wait for the rain to fall on her head, having dripping droplets slide down her fair smooth skin and dash down to her feet, because the mighty pouring that used to have a temporary healing effect on her wounded heart now had its ability vanquished. She glanced at the sky, the sun shone so brightly until it seemed to taunt her of her emotions, was it a complement or an insult? She wasn't sure.

A sudden surge of despondent explosion ruptured within her, causing bile to spill over her internal organs, and shaking her painful heart with convulsions. A scream of horror danced out her lips, but couldn't go anywhere, for there was no sound, no vibration with the air, no acoustical pressure. Kneeling, she held her head, her fingernails piercing into her skull, cutting through her thin epidermis, giving blood a route for escape (perhaps to run away from burning pain?). The warm liquid slid down. Slowly. A centimeter at a time. Slowly. Down, down her face, passing her eyes, then her nose, and her opened mouth. Reaching her chin, the molecules started a song, singing "Freedom! To death we run to!" And then plunge onto her white silky dress, causing dark fresh stains. But she couldn't be bothered. Her fingernails dug futher into her, she tried to scream again, but no sound would dare to escape her vocal cords.

Finally, as the pain faded away could she only relax, wondering had she passed on to the second world. But to her terror, she was still on the cliff, the high point of disconsolation, the peak of terrorizing mocking dejection, all by herself. Blood dripped from her face down onto her angelic-colored dress, and suddenly rain started coming down. But surprisingly, it wasn't water molecules that descended; darkened withered petals of roses waltzing down the air, turning and twisting about, as it descended and landed around her.

Tears of contradicting emotions welled up within her blue starry eyes. She smiled, with pain and joy, mixed evenly that hurt her chest immensely. Without holding anything back, she sent a force from her diaphragm through her larynx and out through her mouth; she screamed, as loud as she could, until she ran out of breath.


With agony, with joy; with rejection, with acceptance; her voice reverberated...

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