- Friday, April 06, 2007

So I Was Saying

that I often do drop by in the Youth Alive Forum. Yes, the famous place which I used to go, and the only place which 'hooked' me on Internet, until I cannot live without internet. That bad, yes, that bad.

Though stopping by to read posts is rather regular for me, somehow I couldn't understand why I couldn't click with the people (the newbies, I mean). New characters of the drama filled the forum, once again. People with names like Shas (is it?), Theo (uh huh...), and whoever else is really making me super blur.

Looking around my little friendship sphere, most of them, in fact, 98% of them are elder than me (I chose not to use the word 'older') [xD]. Perhaps I click better with elder ones, at least that's what I think after so many years of getting to know people. And when I talk about elder, it doesn't apply to age, but maturity. You know boys/girls who reach the age of 20 could still act as if they're 12? Those I escape from. It scares me, to bits!

And I also found out that not many people I could click with. It is as if I'm a rare species (I really think so), that I can't click with the normal species humans. Maybe I'm just a pig and a human fused together. Ta-ha! Insanity rules, no matter what.

Back to the topic, the jokes the newbies in the forum make are somewhat cold to me, I don't know why. Maybe I've to get to know them more, which I doubt so.

Don't perceive this post as a gossip; I've never intended it to be. It's just my opinion. Period.

Maybe I'm weird, in this way. Who knows?

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Anonymous said...

Well, actually what happen to the old old forumer...... look like they are busy lidat.. hmm....

Pig and human fused together? haha..... that's funny...

Oh well, how abt u making a new joke in the youth alive forum.. sometimes I even think my class forum is better nowadays... sigh...