- Friday, April 20, 2007

Sometimes It's the Easiest Way

Sometimes the easiest way to heal our hurts temporarily is by hurting others. Believe it or not, it is when we hurt someone we feel the satisfaction of quenching our burning anger, and quieten the sensations of self-destruct.

Within us there's a huge sea. It is not of salty water, but bitter; not clear, but black; not stable, but fickle. We, if you do not realize, often are in raging tempers and floating whistles, on and off, so unpredictable, but that is what defines human.

However, there are people who 'unpredictable' isn't a right right to describe. They are always the same. And imagine that, the boredom of socializing with them is overwhelmingly horrible; similarly for the other extreme.

But who is what isn't for one to rate oneself, but for another to do so. Maybe me saying this wouldn't be accurate, because one doesn't need to rate another, which sounds so 'forced' and rigid; it comes naturally, doesn't it?

So would hating another be right? Who could judge, you or I? It's the best self-defense, is it right, or wrong? If wrong, is self-defense wrong? Hating another gives the person lesser chance to hurt you even though you're hurting yourself. Remember, nothing is free in this world. A payment must always be made. To be free from other's hurting actions on us, we hurt others first and hate them, wouldn't it be self-defense?

Argue all you want. This world existed not to show love or care. If it has ever shown you, mark my words: they are false. One can tell another "I will always be there for you", or "I will bring down the moon and come to your rescue when there's anything". Fuck Shit them. Such words are like mists, they cover your view, and act like a vision disillusion that lead you to a lion's den instead of paradise. They giggle at your fall, and sing "Hallelujah" at your wrong. They dance and celebrate, drink up and be merry at your failure. And in the end, you're all alone. Knowing this will happen, why not prevent? After all, prevention is better than cure! There is no cure for such situations; they just pull you down to hades, and eat you up like worms, twisting their way through your body, shattering every internal organs within you. So why let others inflict intended loneliness into you? Wouldn't it be easier if you filled yourself with loneliness before others fill you with that?

So, who is faster wins. That's the real world out there, believe it or not. Sooner or later you have to face it. Quit masquerading yourself with idealistic thoughts; they won't bring you anywhere. Sometimes the best way is the easiest way.

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~BeCkY~ said...

Actually, I think you are quite right. One of my friends constantly hurt others to prevent people from hurting her first.

I'm one of her victims, but I did not hurt her back, I understand her feelings very well. Despite of all the things she done to me, she was confused and asked, 'why didn't you fight back?''for what? What I'll gain if I fight back?'

Eventually, she did hurt herself by hurting me, she felt guilty. She felt hurt each time she hurt me. She understand what hurt is through me. Hope you understand. I am not very good in defining things. But in the end, she's my best friend and changed a lot. She told me that no point hurting others when she feels hurt. After all, "Treat others the way you wanted them to treat you"