- Monday, April 16, 2007

What If... Will You...?

God in heaven,
What if my trust in You has faded away, will You still love me
The way You claimed to always be?

Lord of heaven,
What if the way I claimed to love You wasn't the way I should be loving You,
Will You still be, to Your words, to me, true?

Creator of heaven,
What if my faith in Your unfailing words has turned to ashes,
Will You still be faithful, speaking and whispering to my ear, with songs of love?

But what if I can't hear Your voice? Hear Your sound? Hear Your tone?
Will You still be who You claim to be?
Or leave me to waste away, as how You treated certain men in the Bible?
Will You still be the Loving One You claim to be?

Or should I just lose hope, in You, in everything, in myself?

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