- Thursday, May 10, 2007

Done With or Done For

Finally! Yes, finally I've finished this book [Anne Rice - Violin]. The way Rice wrote it is interesting especially the way she described Triana, the main character, her dream and relationship with others. To rate, I'll give this 6 out of 10.

I didn't really like the ending of the story: it was predictable. I wanted something gory, something horrifying. I wanted something that could haunt the readers the way Stefan, the extremely talented ghost, haunted Triana. I expected Rice to describe Triana's selfish desires for acknowledgment and ability. But after all, I think it's okay. This book kept me reading after 200 pages; before that it was quite difficult. I kept yawning while reading, but it was okay, I guess. Anyway, read it if you dare challenge yourself and experience Triana's dreams and emotions.

To put in point form...

What I liked about the story:
  • Rice's description about Triana's dream.
  • Rice's depiction about Triana's confusion.
  • Triana's selfishness.
What I didn't like about the story:
  • The sudden change of relationship between Triana and her family members
  • The sudden change of character in Katrinka
  • The minor horrifying effect of the characters
  • The ending of the story
Try it if you dare. It wouldn't be so bad after all. But one warning: if you can't follow Triana's emotions, you might be blurred.

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