- Thursday, May 17, 2007

Gross and Gloss [lame rulez]

Ugh! This constant-changing weather is boring me out. One sudden the hot fireball shines in the sky, another second the sky starts crying; what is wrong with the weather these days? I mean, it used to be pretty predictable last time - when there are dark clouds, it's gonna rain terribly; and when there's no clouds, it's gonna be super hot. At least it was easy to predict (when I was a kid), and my predictions were most often correct. But my so-called predicting skills couldn't be put into effect now. Why?

I don't know. Just don't give me a shrug. However, the nights are pretty okay because I get to sleep throughout. Be it a rainy or hot night, they are still cooling to me. Talk about sleep, I don't sleep with fan nor air-conditioning system because I can't sleep with them! I like to just sleep like that. Yeah. Like that. Without fan, without air-conditions, just sleep and doze into the dreamland where I rule the kingdom and get everything I want. Ha!

Okay, it might be a bit childish, but hey, it's nice to be childish and imaginative sometimes because you get fantasize about things you'll never get like a big nice car when you're eighteen, or a huge bungalow to live in when you're twenty-two (I'm talking about kids with average-earning parents, not filthy rich people); or a so wonderful girlfriend with the curves and lips you can't help but lick it (but she has good attitude); or a super nice buddy who would do anything for you and let you punch him when you're down to the blues; or a magician bound to you who must give you everything you wish for (wouldn't it be nice?) ... Wouldn't all these fantasies be nice? Oh yes, for me, they sure are!

And anyway, I don't quite know where am I heading in this post just simply because I want to update my blog but I've nothing inspiring to post. You know, I just had to post something to relieve myself of the I-have-not-yet-update-my-blog-and-I-must-do-something-about-it-or-else-I-will-suffocate-and-die kind of feeling. Okay, you can start cheering my typical anthem: aww, poor soul!

So yes, I got to watch Jacquelin Victor (commonly known as the first Malaysian Idol, Jac) perform yesterday at a super high class restaurant at KLCC yesterday (I've forgotten the name of the restaurant). She was officiating her endorsement (apparently her first) for Rejoice hair shampoo. She was okay (the sound-mixing wasn't real good) but her voice was powerful. I looked at the way she performed, and I realized that she didn't do what she used to do while in Malaysian Idol (oh, don't blame her, it was a kinda small event with only selected people to attend actually). I also took note of the way she positioned her microphone while singing. Hm. Pro. That was what I thought. But anyway, she was okay and she also had the body figure you know. She ain't fat like Dina, but she's okay.

So you want her new CD? Heard that all you need to do is to go to selected hypermarkets or shops and purchase more than RM 20 Rejoice products and you'll receive a Jacqueline Victor's Rejoice album that consist of only one song but three tracks (in BM, English, and minus-1 track). Oh, yeah, and the song's name is Satu Harapan (in BM), and I Hope (in Eng).

And talking about Kay-El-See-Shit, I almost wanted to puke. Typically because of the great variety of people. You have lala-s over there who dress like they're some crap or jelly fish or whatever that you know.. float in the water and turn round and round repetitively, a lot of bapuks (she-males) who wear stuffs I wouldn't wanna describe (I wanted to kill myself so badly. I simply can NOT believe these people exist on earth), gays (I think I saw a couple) who held hands and wore those tight T-shirts (but the secretive side on me, I actually looked at their masculine muscled body. Oh god. I would pay any sum of money to get that body figure man. So huge. So muscular. So... you know... *blushes* manly. Forget the word gay for a moment please.) but they're kinda hairy too (which I don't quite like. Too much hair not fun la), and many more kinds of peeps. Oh, I also saw this woman who had eyes so huge and put on so much mascara and eye shadow like Anita Sarawak, and who had such a stunning uglee look walking around there. OME (Oh My Egg!)

But at the same time, HOT girls.

Talking about that, I can't understand why my friend has this odd likings for ladies who look like ducks. Haha. Yeah, that's how I describe it. They have this kind of lips that curve out (not the kind sexy like Angelina Jolie's) and eyes bulging out like goldfishes. OME! *vomits*

Okay, I know. Raging male hormones. It's typical for a guy to looook at girls, okay? It's just... natural. Egg smile! Bah.

Random shoutouts:
- my back and arms are hurting like crazy now. *sigh*
- I am getting hungry.
- I took my dinner at 10.30pm, and it had lots and lots of prawns with rice. ONLY. And of course a soup. My Chemical Romance for dinner. xD Too bad, no egg last night. Aww. "Unbreak my heart... Say you love me again"
- My stomach is starting to play "Ode to Joy" now. I can feel it.
- My pimples have once again appeared. Poor soul.
- Oh, and I just farted.
- And I remember when I was eating lunch with colleagues yesterday and there was so much smoke, and suddenly I felt something creeping out of my nose. And then, pop! A nose-shit flew out into my food but I cannot find it. *sighs* IT'S SOME DARN CHOW KUEY TIAO!!! AND IT WAS SO DARN SMOKY! OME!
- okay, fine, I shall continue doing my assignment. Am supposed to write an epic. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT?!?! *sighs*

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