- Thursday, May 03, 2007

Hor at Blogscope

I never knew there was this thing called Blogscope. Until I was so bored that I goggled my blog's add and found this... Click it to enlarge.

And I didn't know my blog with the "hor hor hor" post
was the top fifth post. Don't say proves that my blog is frequented because I have three hors there, that is why it's in the first five. But results often change. No hope. Heh!

Anyway. I was so shocked and I actually said "WHAT?!" in front of everybody.

I never knew people would be so free to check the internet for hors.

Not whores. Please. Thanks.

I think I'm influencing bad stuffs into people's innocent brains. Okay. I shall stop using vulgar words. xD (as if la they're so vulgar)

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