- Monday, May 14, 2007

I Do Not Deserve Jail, saya Paris

When you are in the wrong, you will have to stand up to your mistake and admit it. Oh, that means for you too, Paris Hilton.

Socialite/part princess/singer/actress Hilton is devastated with a Los Angeles judge's decision to sentence her to 45 days behind bars - insisting she "doesn't deserve this."

The hotel heiress will serve around seven weeks in a California jail cell, after she was found guilty for violating a probation order and driving with a suspended license in February. The 26-year-old fought back tears as the sentence was handed down to her.

"I told the truth. I feel that I was treated unfairly and that the sentence is both cruel and unwanted and I don't deserve this."

Hilton is due to begin her prison stint at the Century Regional Detention Facility in Los Angeles County on June 5.

Celebrities... they never learn.

Love the conclusion of the article. Enough said and thumbs up.
Wonder why males love her - so sluttish can't stand a sight of her.


yipguseng said...

so much for these kinda celebrities, eventhough she was sentence for 45days in lock-up, but still few days later somebody caught her again driving a blue car around. should just lock her up and let her learn some true lesson!

another fallen-celebrities : britney spears

Pig Take Egg said...

Agree. I just can't understand why celebrities have to enter the 'dark' mode to get popularity. I mean, if you're handsome or pretty, could sing extraordinarily well, why worry of popularity?

Plus, there are many times celebrities do things that offend others (e.g. Leonardo's building of a basketball court that damaged neighbor's property) just because they had money. *coughs*