- Monday, May 14, 2007

Mothers oh Mothers

Because of their indisputable love, so high, so low, so vast, uncountably immense, we children ought to love and appreciate them - not just because they bore us for nine months, also because they gave their all for us. Reproach the statement, if you want, but you can't deny the fact of the torture they went through having some buffalo like you in them. They had to eat more, go through hormonal changes, vomit, emotional swings, and so forth, and to think that it was for the fun or excitement, please note that you're exceptionally wrong.

Of course you might argue saying that they have the most insensible thinking on earth, or their mood are so irritating you can't help but to hate and scream at them. But little did you know that many times it was just their response to your actions. Think about it: for every action there is a reaction.

Hence, mothers, so special as they are, ought to be the one we uphold the most in our lives.

Even though I know my mother wouldn't have much time reading my blog (she doesn't), I still want to give a shoutout for her.

Dear mom,

So let's think about how you used to chase me around the hall with your fierce look that could make me stagger and the enormous cane you held, and now I wonder why was I so naughty then. And then, the time when I screamed at you, and was on the verge of hitting you, yet still you forgave me insensible doings; I can't comprehend your motherly love.

Which is all fine to me anyway, because I am not a parent (father), nor can I ever be a mother by nature (I dont have the genitals), but I can say that I truly love you. And I am so sorry for not hugging you yesterday.


Okay! Okay! I know I am wrong. Okay, shall send boyish butterfly kisses... there you go... baha!

Your dear,
(your son)

I can't believe that not EVERYBODY wished MummyJune Happy Mothers' Day! You treacherous people! Why didn't you wish mummy June happy mothers' day? How can you hurt her heart? (I am not saying that it is hurting her) But... not wishing mommy on a mothers' day? is that the definition of being a kid? Fine......... All of you owe Mommy Secret Recipe... >.< "Mommy... remember to gimme some cakes ya?" xD

I almost fainted when I read these messages:

1. Lawrence Teoh: I am ur mama wat. Haha!

2. Kay Jin: HAHA crap.. Happy mothers' day to you too! Be blessed with many many kids ya!

So much for the Mothers' Day thing, huh?

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