- Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Open Up Your Eyes - Jeremy Camp

    Open Up Your Eyes
    Jeremy Camp - Chronicles of Narnia OST

    Open up your eyes and see these warning signs
    Breaking through your heart and all the reason of your mind
    Open up to find, your action leaves behind
    The very hope that's given for the world to feel alive

    And the time has come to realize
    And see the plan you've been designed for
    So face the fear of all unknown
    And see the heart inside
    So open up your eyes
    So open up your eyes

    Throw yourself aside and hear the gentle cry
    Of the voice of peace that gave up all to fill the void inside
    Give away the fight, release your foolish pride
    The very bond is broken down you need to leave behind

    Can you sense the feeling that there's more than what you know?
    (More than what you know)
    It's a fire that burns within that only seems to grow
    (Only seems to grow)
    There's a price that's given and which only love can pay
    And the time is here and now, don't let it fade away

    So open up your eyes, open up your eyes
    So open up your eyes, open up your eyes

I applaud Jeremy Camp for this amazing song. By far not all of his songs have a catch like this song. If you're searching for a song that will cause you to leapt in emotion while listening, this might be the song for you. This song is available in Ares [aresgalaxy.org]. Limewire might have that song on P2P too.

Or... you can sms me to ask me for the song. Please provide me with your email address just in case I don't have it saved (I seldom save email adds). And I'll send it to you when I can. Okay?

I can't deny that the melody was what caught me first, but the lyrics gripped my attention. Perhaps my eyes isn't open to God's work - a stumbling block, and I've to learn to grow to be a better Christian. What and who I am now isn't enough to be a better Christian, to be a better servant to Jesus, to be a better friend.

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