- Thursday, May 10, 2007

Out now.

My eyes bulged with disbelief. Was I blind or hallucinating, or was it reality's cruelty? I simply can't, no, I can't believe it - LaKisha out instead of Blake? No doubt Blake could be the ultimate beat box or whatever, no doubt he could sing quick songs but he doesn't have a voice so strong like Josh Groban nor a falseto so funny like Mika (*coughs* he's not really good actually) nor a catchy voice like Maroon 5's lead singer, nor a memorable voice like The Fray's or Chris Daughtry's.

I would applaud him for his extraordinary talent in doing the 'kichu-kuchu' beatboxie sound, but rock songs and ballet? Absolutely. NO. He doesn't have a beautiful smooth wavelike vibrato like Josh Groban! Just his looks and that beatie-boxie sound.

Pukes. And Lakisha on the other hand could sing with extremely good dynamics. She has a soulful voice and could, anytime, do better than Blake.

*eyes fall out*

I can't can't can't can't believe it.

Yet, I can't say that I'm not amazed with Blake's ability. Ha! All I hope now is for Melinda to beat him straight at the face, winning the American Idol.

Blake just doesn't really deserve it, because with just one ability how can he have an album that could be as good-selling as Chris Daughtry's? Imagine every song with the beat box thingy. Boring.

ugh! Disgusted.

I hope I wouldn't change my mind. xD

For more information, click here.

*image gotten from Americanidol.com*

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