- Thursday, May 17, 2007

The Phantom of the Opera

One word - awesome. I know that in Secondary Schools, form 2, you guys have read it and typically know of the story. You've gone to shows or plays that sing of the song The Phantom of the Opera. But you hadn't witness the agony of the Phantom. Ha! Few things you did not know: he was an excellent musician. He could play Christine's favorite song (which was used to be played by her father) on the voilin (just like how her father did) on her father's violin (how he did that wasn't sure); Comte de Chagny, Philippe, Raoul's brother, was dead; a gold ring given to Christine Daae by Erik, the Phantom's name, and she accepted it; the Don Juan Triumph, the screeches of Erik's innerheart solemn cries, was completed and was composed on an organ; the siren in the lake (OME! THIS IS NICE!); the domineering attitude of Christine Daae; the desperation of the Phantom, and his agony and tears; the gunpowder under then Opera house, accessible via the torture chamber; and many more.

Darn! YOU. Must. Read. This. Unabridged. Version. Of. The. Phan. Tom. Of. The. O. Pe. Ra! It is super the fantastico! Serious! You won't regret reading it. You can feel the eerie whispers of the Opera ghost and the way he could caress your skin while reading it. I couldn't stop but continue reading and reading and reading and reading, and when I finished, all I could say is OME! Yes. Oh My Egg! Because it is superbly written. No wonder it is a classic.

And now, you see the difference between reading some stupid abridged version book than reading an unabridged one. Perhaps I should get "Dr Jeckyll and Mr Hyde" unabridged version. It'll be fantastico also. But first, I've to finish the books I've bought. No time to read laaaa...

So much to read, so little time. Darn! Go to your nearest stores and purchase the Phantom of the Opera unabridged version. You'll certainly not regret it! Promise.

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