- Thursday, May 03, 2007

That Day

WARNING: Super lousy grammar here. And cheong-hei-ness. Please be beware. Arh hah!

I went out with my brother after such a long time. And we had great chats, talked about a lot of stuffs, like how we used to years ago. But somehow things changed and we grew apart, and things weren't different anymore: we learnt to hurt each other. But after a period of challenge, finally, both of us learnt to love each other the way Christ loves us, and to grow, as brothers.

So, since he's the one who can drive, he brought me to 1U (my official first time there), but we hadn't a lot of time to roam that area. So all we did was went to eat early dinner (because we were going for something later) and then played ... what you call that? pool? or Pull? or Puul? Or what? Yeah, the one you have a looooong stick you use it to hit balls. Yeap. That. Okay, I shall not go on describing what happened at the table because it was... humiliating. And we brothers had fun. Seriously.


I stole my bro's watch and wore it the whole night. He actually forgotten that I took it. Haha.

My dinner that night. So he was telling me how a sad case I am because I couldn't eat what he was eating. Erm... Let's see... Some burger with lots of ham and pancakes and I don't know what that is lar...

A tiny part of 1U

Drinks... It's called Mango Special. Very cekap drink.

And after that, we left 1U and went to KDU College for this concert called SOLD OUT by 1 a.m. (band from Eaglespoint) It was... okay... Yeah. Okay. So this was the free CD I got. Erm. I haven't opened it until now because I heard all of the songs that night at the concert.

And yeah, I had a good time with my bro and that was the summary of that day. Haha. But I have another day to talk about.

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