- Wednesday, May 09, 2007


I can't believe that MES (Malaysian Examination Syndicate) actually proposed to abolish PMR and UPSR and replace it with assessment tests! Though it wasn't a heart-attack issue, it's just so... unfair. That I had to study so hard for UPSR (okay, maybe not that hard), but it's quite unfair still. I don't know why. Must I have a reason for feeling that way?

But I'm still shocked though. Ha! At least MES didn't voice out the abolishment of SPM. But I think perhaps they should do something about the English paper. Too easy.

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Suit Lin said...

Abolishing UPSR and PMR doesn't mean that your certificates are no longer valid, it just means that the future generation won't use it as a yardstick to measure whether a student has mastered the required subject matter, instead they will be tested continously. don't be so cemas la, it also means more work for teachers.

Pig Take Egg said...

but also at the same time, it would mean that students can take things easily and not look forward to exams (not like the way we looked forward to UPSR, hoping that it could either pass by quickly so that we could be releived, or it would never come)