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Helen of Troy

Margaret George
Setting: Sparta & Troy
Plot: Read and you'll know

Favorite Character: duh~ Helen, of course!
Rating: 8.5/10

Since I've always found Greek gods (like Hercules, Hydra, Zeus, Aphrodite, etc) interesting, this book hasn't bore me. I enjoyed reading this book a lot.

What caught my attention, first and foremost, was the title itself. Helen of Troy. Though I didn't really know who Helen actually was, but what did the magic was Troy, an ancient city with great warriors, handsome hunks and sexy-licious women.

It is said that Troy was a strongly fortified city. No army was large or strong enough to penetrate the city. Its high walls gave the Trojans (inhabitants of Troy) a pride they couldn't help but sing and talk of.

Trojans—handsome men and dashingly pretty women—increased the fame of the city. Many a times people speak of Troy, they think of the inhabitants—the godlike people, all strikingly looking—besides the high-rise strong city wall.

But none of the Trojan women could compare to this divine beauty, Helen. She—of Zeus, a god, and a mortal woman, Leda—had the most outstanding face ever appeared on earth. Her awesome beauty was spoken about everywhere, including Troy. For me, the beauty of the story was her beauty, her captivating look and humanlike attitude. When she fell in love with a certain man who was a few years younger than her, she set out on a pursuit of happiness that eventually led to certain ruins.

Reasons why I like this story:
  • Helen's captivating attitude, character, and appearance
  • Helen's descend
  • The involvement of the divine gods Trojans and Spartans believed in (this added spice to the story, in my humble opinion of course)
  • Her obsession with the man she loved
  • Writing style of Margaret George. Captivating, beautiful, ah!
For me, it is definitely a book worth reading and using money on. Believe me or not, I even read this book while working! Haha! (I had a little free time then mer... xD)


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