- Wednesday, June 06, 2007

When I Lack Sleep

  1. I get really edgy and irritated. Nothing seems to soothe me except "Helen of Troy" by Margaret George. Perhaps I've found myself in another world. Even I tire out quicker in work. Gosh.

  2. I type lame things when I go on msn. Example:
    [ p i g ] xD says:
    Happy Pushing then.. may your toilet survive your severe bombings.. and may it trespass the highest record of bombings.. may saddam hussein rise to flesh and salute you for your extraordinary methods of bombings and may afghanistan hire you to create new bombing methods.. hallelujah.. the future is sealed.. may you be redeemed.. AMEN

    DonkeyJin | P.U.S.H.=>Pray.Until.Something.Happens.| [AWAY]
    (no reply)

  3. I drown in melancholic or rather, EMO, songs. Example: "Goodbye to You" by Michelle Branch, "Home" by Chris Daughtry, "Are You Happy Now" by Michelle Branch, and "I Can't Hate You Anymore" by Nick Lachey

  4. I don't feel like mixing around or talk to anybody. I just want to sleep. And sleep. And sleep.

  5. I get agitated whenever I wash my face: new pimples nested again! GAH!

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