- Monday, July 16, 2007

Authors, Listen Up!

Scrap off the recent reality show, So You Think You Can Dance. Forget about it, let it escape your mind like carbon dioxide out of your respiratory system. Introducing So You Think You Can Write! Okay, it is not actually called So You Think You Can Write... It's just something... fresh and different.

I happened to come by this website that is currently having a competition going on, called Haruah 2007 Fiction Contest. All you need to do is to write according to this picture (to your left). Think extravagantly and creatively and register with Double Edged Publishing and submit your story! As simple as that.

Check out the prizes. Although I do admit that it isn't really captivating in Malaysian terms, but think about it... A story between 300 to 5000 words, and if your story is captivating enough, a hundred plus bucks... wouldn't that be awesome? Plus, you get to revitalize your authoring skills!

  • First place: - $45.00 and a contributor's print copy—The photo will accompany your story
  • Second place: - $35.00 and a contributor's print copy
  • Third place: - $25.00 and a contributor's print copy
  • 2 Honorable mentions: - $10.00 and a contributor's print copy
What are you waiting for? Move, grab a pen and start staring deeply into this picture and begin your fiction. Oh, you can write for any genre: horror, sci-fi, fantasy, romance...


Anonymous said...

Oh... so, u are participating in it? haha!! hope u win first prize... coz I am waiting for u to belanja me at the place which u loves to eat.. (expensive food la.. haha)

Jon Chu said...

=.= you never stop asking ppl to belanja u arr? you write oso lar. or call your friend to enter, then if he wins, he can belanja u..