- Monday, July 09, 2007

Long Post Ahead

So if you're ready to read some chatty long-winded post, be my guess, dudes and dudesses. And yes, I'm so darn broke now after such a long time. I remember at the start of May, I had RM 200 in my pocket, and I told myself that I was going to use this RM 200 until the end of July. And guess how much I have now? RM 17. Only RM 17!

Thus, I had to think and start budgeting all over again. Plus, when I do not have enough money, and I walk around MPH or Popular, and I see books like Trudi Canavan's "The Novice", "Last of the Winds", "The High Lord", and "The Priestess of the White"; "The Time Traveler's Wife" by Audrey Niffenegar; and many more; I just can't tahan but to tell the book... "You darh-leng.. Just wait for me.. I will baiii u..." Then my hands touch it and bring it near to my face and give it a nice kiss... NO LA... u think I'll do that in public? Please, for heaven's sake! Be saner, would you?

And I've got my mother to get me a few books. And what's so cool with it is my mom gets 30% discounts for this time! *screams with joy*

The LOTR books only cost RM20 per book. At last, the whole LOTR collection. Okay, I admit the cover aint so cool, but who cares? I'm craving for books now. To be true, after reading "The Thirteenth Tale", I actually stopped reading. The feeling of Margaret Lea and Vida Winter just... got hold of me. Haha. Plus, Helen's exotic feel (protagonist of "Helen of Troy") hadn't left me yet!

And now, I'm reading "The Memory Keeper's Daughter". It's a slow moving story, but I am getting myself adjusted to the writing styles or Mrs Kim... and after all, it ain't a bad book! Interesting, especially how the author describes every motion and emotion of the person, linking the present and the past, and yada fada hada.

Anybody understand what this means?

My highest average score for my academic studies.

Call me stupid.

So anyway, things are going pretty fine. I find myself indulging in Linkin Park's songs, especially "What I've Done", "Bleed It Out" (I adore this song), and "The Little Things Give You Away". Perhaps it's because of the lyrics that are so true sometimes and I can't help but nod myself along as the music jams.

Watched Transfomers. And peeps, ignore me not! That movie is full of ... OMIEGG! You get that meanin? My goodness, the action was good, the love story wonderful, the plot interesting, the way Michael Bay linked all the events together, the girl (main character's gf) was HAWT, and it was cheap I think. I'm waiting for cash to pour in, Harry Putay to come on screen, and the chance to watch Die Hard and Harry Putay. Darn. Movies are crazy for year 2007. Haha.

Sorry dudes if my english has depleted. I guess this is a stress syndrome. I just can't organize my thoughts organizingly. See? All I see are red lines on my blog post column now. Oooo.

Last but not lease, I love lemon chicken. :) Random me!


Anonymous said...

ooi... 89 also called stupid? swt... U ah.. haiz...

Erm.. since u graduated for year 11, u gonig for year 12 ah? Or college soon? Me blur blur in this home-schooling thing again.. haha

Jon Chu said...

why u only concentrate on one thing alone leh? look closely and see why I say like that.