- Monday, July 16, 2007

A musical? LOTR? What the?

Imagine short Frodo Baggins (ideally, Elijah Wood) walking across the Middle-earth singing... It's not that he can't sing (since Hobbits do love to sing and be merry), it's just that he sings when he talks. What more—imagine if Gollum started singing his anthem "Precious". Gasp, that'll be disastrous!

Perhaps it is because the peeps from UK think that LOTR was very long (I do not think so), leading them to this: let's make a musical for LOTR. What the? [Read Hobbits That Sing to get what am I crapping about]

I say: The Lord of The Rings is wonderful to be seen in the cinema with the 5-1 sound surround system. But... a musical? Maybe not...

Don't get me wrong, I am not saying that The Lord of The Rings Musical is a total bad idea, I am just suggesting that perhaps... Perhaps... Perhaps it won't be as inspiring and mind-blowing as the one in cinemas.

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