- Thursday, July 26, 2007

Role Models. Rite!

Just as what I've posted some time ago, celebrities never learn, here another fallen star arises—Lindsay Lohan.

Apparently, she has been arrested for driving under alcoholic influence of 0.12 [Lindsay Lohan Speaks On The Record, Lindsay Lohan Arrested Again - Yahoo OMG], and can you believe that: with only $25,000 bail, she was released. WTH! If only celebrities could learn how to behave themselves, then would only the world be more peaceful. Okay, this is too much. But what the, I wonder why would people be celebrities? And why would their fans want to be a fan given the terrible character displayed?

So tell me, is it true that for lady celebrities, only those who show more of their breasts, butt line, or vagina can they only be popular? Must they have the dirty girl look in order to be famous?

I believe this isn't true. What about Michelle Branch?

Or maybe it is because they think they have the money in the world to protect them just in case they get caught for illegal acts, they could BRIBE the judge or senator or whatever.

Paris should have a longer jail term.

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tankiasu said...

Hey thanks for dropping by. Appreciate your comment too. :)

Personally, I don't give a hoot about all those celebrities. Do whatever they want to their lives. I rather just focusing on food! :P